It is not out of pride or arrogance that some of us who know the value of time and space don’t get too much involved in ceremonies such as the very elaborate ” Cat-in- Chorus” celebrations of birthdays on social media and outside it. You may call me a crank for not appealing favourably to your sense of reasoning on this “Aso-ebi” bandwagon celebrations ( which have been the major factor behind why we are docile and why we have run short of trail blazers) I have no apology .

Too many people have hidden under this ceremonious canopy to milk our economy dry with no sense of diligence and industry to show for it .Mark the national day or the days religious heroes were born and you would see long throats rising to unleash their daggers to the jugular of the society, with so-called ” Master-of- ceremony ” ; “master- in- ceremony;” master-outside- ceremony; ” master- away- from- ceremony ” master-not- connected- with- ceremony and other “masters- in-arm- with the celebrants turning sacred days into days of mourning and exhibition of excesses. In the early 1960s, the organisers of functions for Students Christian Movement SCM used to organise retreats for youths from the eve of Good Friday to the morning of Easter Sunday- weekend of silence, reading and meditation. “Today the Christian youths have ” adequate ” spiritual development but have lost their social function…Scarcely could one hear or read of WORK CAMPS; visits to less privileged ones, participation in sound student politics “.

According to Martin Luther King in Corretta King,”My life with Martin Luther king Jr:” Any religion that professes to be concerned with the souls of men and is not concerned with the slums that doom them and the social conditions that cripple them is a dry- as- dust religion. ” ( Read Bola Ige And The Ecumenical Movement ” by my teacher: Modupe Oduyoye )
The Christmas is around the corner and the retreat would be there not as work camp but as money- making camps where father Christmas is busy giving gifts to innocent kids with the right hand but robbing them silly with the left hand amidst noisemaking while the essence of Christ life is lost in the jamboree.

What is ceremony but a former capital of Etruria? Do I have to stay put to same capital all my life when matters are going from bad to worse for us all ? The word ” ceremony ” is a prescribed rite in accordance with religion or tradition. In 14-15 centuries, it was coined from the Latin word ” caerimonia: religious worship. According to ancient scholars , the word is from ” Caere”( now Cerveteri,Italy) the former capital of Etruria. ” In the name or rather in the name of misrepresenting the word ” worship ” do I have to engage in going to Italy when Nigerians cannot boast of a two- meal ticket per day celebrating and ululating about ? And we are in the era of “soro-soro” on radio,television and social media ” talker-of- nineteen- to – the- dozen who come to us daily with the intestine and liver of the news but not with the heart of the very matter. Watch out!