Why prophets tell lies?


This part had initially set out to begin the analysis of Revelation 2020 and explain how OBJ and Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu have warmed into the prophetic equation,but the way some prophets in power have gate crashed into public space ,even arbitrarily necessitated this piece of a writing prophetology.
This is coming even against my will and earlier position on ” Amotekun”as an initiative driven to curb the blatant desecration of our land from the unwarranted assault of kidnappers and other antisocial elements.
Since our “Amotekun had stolen into town, most analysts have latched on the swiftness of leopards out of context of character of the governors ( prophets in power) who invoke this spirituality, forgetting that unbridled and ill planned invocation breeds provocation while provocation breeds confrontation. Nobody is here to contest the legality of Amotekun; that’s not the point here.
The points here are (1) the arbitrariness of its concoction; (2)falsity of and in its etymology; philology, principle and spirituality.(3 ) Need to allow our sense of history and spirituality as guides and (4) a word of wisdom for the Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land on the spiritual dynamism of his new office( already born again from the past.) We shall go into all of these ,step by step.
Let’s begin from the beginning .It beats one hollow that some of our people can’t understand the prophetic import of rhetorics on leopards. ( being the language of prophets which they often use as strategy calculated at avoiding a situation in which they would be speaking from both corners of the mouth, such as casting pearls before swine)
“Do you get the import ? A diviner( like a consultant physician) does not have to smash words on the ground, for he knows too well the power of truth. When a truth teller stands before people who are stubbornly addicted to resistance to truth,he does not cast his pearls before swine.” (Apology to my learned teacher: Pa Modupe Oduyoye.) There is no offence in throwing about “logo” but logo is not without logic, both of history, spirituality, psychology and philosophy. Does sitting down and merely wishing make a great nation ? Are we not inviting trouble calling a puppy a lion ? Has there been any vision which have not rightly been preceded by an articulated provision ? Just like name is the abridged biography of a person, logo is a symbol of identification as a type representing a world even as animals ( right from creation ) represent governments and political kingdoms. Adam’s first assignment in the garden of Eden was to name all animals and ironically God through the wisest king Solomon has shown us the essence of learning wisdom from different animals as Solomon did ask the lazy to go to the ants and learn. It is not for fun that we also have the Lion of Judah; Satan himself as being presented in the garden of Eden as the cunning serpent and the Dove as representing the Holy Spirit while Jesus Christ still urged us about being wise as a serpent and as gentle as the dove. Before we go to where our governors got it all wrong over the leprous leopard, let us first of all go down to major powers of the world and their symbols as represented by the animals of their characterisation from remote times.
Egypt had serpent ( adorning head dress of Pharaoh )as well as bull. Medo-Persia had eagle; so also Rome and America. German had two-headed eagle; Athens had Owl; Great Britain had Lion while Russia had the Bear just as China had dragon as its symbol. To analyse the Spirituality of leopards in ages past,it is pertinent here to ruminate on the implications of allowing the hand of governors to go before the eye of prophecy .
“Then the Lord said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not,neither have I commanded them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.”
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Olalere Fagbola.