Amidst ineffective dispensation of justice in the land and  occasional perversion of Justice in the nation’s judiciary, a daring Presidential Candidate of the National Rescue Movement NRM Usman Ibrahim Alhaji has charged that his Government, if elected, would establish a special anti-corruption court to try corruption cases while guarantying rule of law that would entrench confidence on judicial officials.
Usman who also noted that policing in Nigeria has been characterized by a culture of corruption and lack of accountability, added that a NRM-led administration would establish state Police Pilot Project for three years in all the six geographical zones in the country to test run the scheme.
Commenting on the plan of his party to reform the judiciary and the police, the presidential candidate argued that the only way to free the judiciary from executive cannibalism is to grant the judiciary financial autonomy bringing about effective community policing.
Usman made this declaration in his Rescue Policy Plan for Nigeria released recently in Abuja.
Noting that countless developmental efforts have failed in Nigeria due to ineffective institutions, Usman believed that policies and institutions are closely related and that when institutions are weak, simple policies would not be effectively and efficiently implemented.
The Presidential candidate of NRM regretted that the Nigeria police, with a staff strength of about 371,800 officers have performed below expectation,stressing that they are ineffective in their job of crime prevention ,criminal investigation and response to distress calls of citizens.
Towards bringing about a virile police force therefore, Usman declared that his government would redesign security architecture of state and local governments by appointing traditional rulers as chief security officers of their domains.