It is indeed our own form of intelligence ” when our gun-trotting A.D.C. stays like scarecrows behind the chief executives and most time rock their chairs ( or is it their boats ?) while the more the number of siren- blowing fleet of cars on the convoy the more our sense of (false) security is guaranteed.

Little wonder the misplacement of hierarchical order of where power actually lies. Most of our good heads ( Ciceroes ) who could have moved Nigeria forward at the legislature are busy under the influence of siren mentality seeking absolute power in the executive ( as if the word Senate means nothing more than padding budgets ) The greatest threats to democracy are an ignorant legislature and an ignorant electorate.

Only God knows what is happening to our sense of history and research .When in 1954 the Action Groupers passed a law making it illegal for ministers to be criticised among two other bills that gave new definition to the law of sedition ( being the grandchildren of today’s social media bill) do our politicians know why the bill, though passed into law refused to fly ? Memories are indeed short. ”

The bill was passed but it was the Queen of England ( God bless the Queen ) who refused to assent to it as a result of the criticisms of the NCNC at the time.’ Those were the days of credible opposition in the defunct Western Region Parliament.

The mushroom opposition today would only wake up faintly from slumber when the next election is around the corner and trust the ignorant electorate who is not given to reading between the lines. “Security gives way to conspiracy