Can there be praise-singers without the “aso-ebi” bandwagon instincts to match it ? Please leave all ” abobakus” alone, it is we and not the heedless world around us that are responsible, for no power or principality can take possession of a place while those inside it have enough faith to keep them out.”Where is our faith ,brother, where is our faith ? Most times I wonder and ask myself: of what use are the unions,associations and organisations of professionals ( including NGOs)if we cannot directly make available ,gratis to the corridor of power the results of our many years of search-outs and researches for the common good of society. Governments themselves do not fare better as they overmonetise the offices of special advisers ,no wonder why the rat race to get noticed at the power corridor over pieces of good counseling that should simply be there on the table for free .

With the power of our access to the treasury ,we over celebrate and over pamper experts who ordinarily should be rejoicing for having found their job and duty in service to the public while in joining in the mêlée ( through all shades of “aso-ebi” ) we are ourselves waiting in the wing to be called forth from our beats to join in the looting. It is no longer wisdom the saying of the elders that ” let him ask for no other blessedness ,he who has found his job.” Go and count the number of many of our colleagues who in the name of wanting to give advice have abandoned their honourable newspaper column- beats ( indeed the front line ) to go and serve table and join in the squabbles with their masters first ladies and kitchen cabinets. I now know what that “wicked” weekend Concord newspaper cartoonist meant when he put brush to paper and caricatured the sojourns of the experts lured into power thus:”Journalists outside power, angry and stubborn; journalists in power, cool and collected.” Indeed, my teacher,

Modupe Oduyoye used to tell me in Biblical verses:”Hi,everyone that thirsteth, come ye to the waters,and he that hath no money ; come ye, buy,and eat; yea,come,buy wine and milk without money and without price.Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread ? and labour for that which satisfieth not …” Isaiah 55:1-2. I cannot here recount dozens of golden and divine pieces of advice that God had directly placed ( gratis) at the door mouths of those in the corridor of power but which were frustrated by paid agents who go in the cloak of advisers to power amidst heavy politicking …
Having read “Rasselas’s ” Disquition upon greatness, ” I realise indeed that ” any man who acts in a wide compass must be exposed to opposition from enemity,or miscarriage from chance ; And whosoever has many to please or to govern must use the ministry of many agents,some of whom will be wicked,and some ignorant; by some he will be misled and by others betrayed. “

We are approaching 2020 and it is high time we sacked all paid advisers in power. No Apology. Against whom is then the laughter of intellects if we truly are endowed with the key to wisdom but allow ourselves to open wide the gate to nonsense ? Sack them all ; Sack them with their saccharine statements of notoriety .