Wise men and wise women in this 21Century would not have to go million kilometers to get themselves their delight , a click away has shrunk the distance with OSUKA ,carrying the whole universe on the head of social media. Old lions roar for cubs to date the game in pleasant corridor for what in the past should take a trip to SOKOTO ( thousand miles from here to northern hemisphere) is now located right in the pocket of my SOKOTO . The long diameter of your office space is now no longer the hallmark of true leadership, its your role and relevance to the needs of people that make you a leader and not a boss ,thus the death of BOSSISM in India, America, London , Africa and Asian Tiger.

And has Proverb not made verbosity a needless circumlocution or a legless tautology ? Just as the word “PRO” is placed in front of “VERB” ( a shortened name for verbosity) has the whole equation not shrunk circumlocution into a needless rituals with pithy sentence glorifying wisdom in true reflection ?  Hence the new world of our possibilities shrinks our greed into our needs for a just and egalitarian society on which tarmac our planes are yet to land . With this marriage between media and technology by which  shrink you and I have been bearing witness, all communications are keyed into kits fit for the laps and  editors are now debriefed, no longer briefed with the power of old : ” to hire and to fire ” It is the writer; the reporter ; the guy closest to facts that doth now hire and fire .Yes, the votes and the budget go to the editor who can LEAD out the potentials in the writer even in the best managerial manner .

Editors were known of old from the galaxy of stars they could attract; the new editor for this age is known by the galaxy of stars he could retain and it is not just about commanding respect, it is about retaining and sustaining respect,  for we are in the days when the body language is not enough but the heart and spirit behind the unspoken motive .With the language of management fast taking a new shape from the beret and swagger sticks of our barrack lords, their delight in pontificating themselves as crisis managers is no longer yielding dividends of peace but conclusion in which nothing concrete is concluded. But for writers and journalists as agents of social communication that make crisis public,

we MANAGE ourselves THROUGH crises rather than fooling ourselves as crisis managers who propound theories of nihilism which neither put them here nor there . We subject ourselves and actions constructively to the podium of self-criticism ,not minding if our own horse were gored or not ; even  on the template of conscience being an open wound which only the truth dares to heal .

No wonder we outlive  all self-styled managers whose relevance in office is ruled by heavy nomenclature and the terms of office  determined by the longevity of the scissors at their disposal, cutting tapes and walking on red carpets. The creative writer is not bothered by how long crises managers remain in office; the cake they baked and the ones they fail to bake; He is only bothered by the one concern that takes its bow as he or she puts his or her pen to paper: ” Would I be read in a thousand years time ? Would my thoughts still be relevant in a thousand years time ?