July , is a month named after Julius Caesar ; a month which in its innocence ought to be the fifth month. It’s now  given a  seventh which naturally is the month of September with October as the eight month ( from octo as eight) being sidelined as the tenth month. November being the ninth month of the year was arbitrarily given eleventh while December , a tenth month ( from ” decem”which means ten ) is now dressed in a borrowed robe obtained from the twelfth agenda of Caesar’s own manipulated calendar. 

This was not so  originally  in Rome but  the power- that- be had changed all the natural order of the calendar ordained by the movement of the Sun and the Moon which are created by God ( Psalm 19) Are the day unto day, being governed by both the sun and the Moon no longer uttering knowledge ? As constant as the northern star and as faithful as the moon we used to say ! Are they no longer so ? Courtesy of caesar ?Aren’t their circuits no longer going to the end of the world ? 

I am pleasantly confused when people tell me September is ninth, October as tenth, November as eleventh while playing the folk etymologists on my sense of divine calendar which approved of the heavens ( rather than of Caesar ;the arbitrary date- changer) declaring the Glory of God. Today we keep giving what belongs to God to Caesar and to God what belongs to Caesar.

If therefore your November comes with “No” it is high time we said NO to Caesar and his arbitrariness which continues to rob us of nature and leaving us with a sense of artificiality.