REVELATION 2020-2040

Reckoning with the lesson and meaning which Biblical numbering ( not numerology) portends for ages,more importantly, the grace which God has granted me through His revelation to me on secrets concerning every new year since 1979 till date,and most importantly, the unmerited favour of being the writing prophet of His calling, I sense in the Spirit that God is set to reveal what He has in stock and what Nigeria is set to encounter in the next twenty years,2020-2040.

In 1978 when Nigeria was warming towards the next presidential election, God revealed to me in a clear vision in which I saw the very deep foundation upon which Nigeria’s hydroelectric power station at Kainji dam was built.
It was completely dry and I had an insight that it was only through diversifying into agriculture that the country could avert the looming economic crises being revealed to me interpretatively. As if that calamity was not enough, I saw in another vision, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, head bowed in sorrowful mood,and I asked why but was told that he lost the presidential election which was then few months away. It saddened me and I put pen to paper and wrote my first newspaper article ever published and it was carried by the Nigerian Herald newspaper of June 12,1979 titled ” Be Warned O people. “
Consequently, Nigeria grappled with two major problems, namely, economic problems and leadership crises for twenty years,1979-1999.

Again in 1999,I fell into a seven day trance in which God revealed a lot to us on Nigeria, including the USA September 11 attack which revelation I shared in cryptic form with the then Governor Lam Adesina ,with a copy of the revelation posted through D.H.L. to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo ,the then President of Nigeria. In order to avert the scrouge of bokoharam which was then a child play masquerading in religious disturbance undertones , I gave a proposal to Alhaji Lam Adesina to let us plough all proceeds realised from the launching of his biography of my authorship into flouting an NGO to be christened ” Movement of Non-Violence in Africa,MENVIA.

He agreed and at the public launching of the book on Saturday April 8,2000, we realised not less than eight million Naira,with Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the Chief Launcher donating Two million Naira to the cause. The first leg of the implementation of my proposal was a two- day value-reorientation workshop for working journalists held at Parliamentary building, Secretariat, Ibadan.

There was a two-prong approach to it. First, we had the first ever interfaith workshop for journalists in Nigeria as we believed that as agents of social communication that ” make crisis public” there is no way any government can resolve crisis or nip it in the bud without the active involvement of a well- motivated journalist- ethicists . Secondly, as we were then beginning to witness the birth of the media generation of youths to whose umbilical cords were GSM ” tied”, we felt that there was dire need to fortify the educators of our society ( journalists) with sufficient moral inoculation, introduce compulsory teaching of media studies in schools with different self-empowerment schemes for mass communicators in order to energise them against the whims and caprices of media ownership.This was necessary so that they could be insured against tribes and bribes calculated at buying their collective conscience. Today, there is no doubt that the wrong use of the social media constitutes one of our major headaches we are facing, while the same government which punctured the balloon of our golden idea is thinking that beheading the man suffering from acute headache is the solution to stop the ache.

There is no need daring me over this lest we disturb the peace of minds of both the living and the dead. How do we prevent a re-occurrence of our blindness of forty years of wild-goose chase in the wilderness is the matter and supplication now before the Almighty God as we look up to Him towards His usual Grace of revealing to us what are the things which we need to know and do towards 2020 and beyond.