For some of us who know the value of interdisciplinary studies coupled with our respect for interfaith approach to issues of high public interest, including my own successful experiment in mapping the eventful lives of heroes through cosmological perspective, I find it difficult to look unconcerned at the way Nigerians are thinking that modernity has altogether cancelled spirituality on matters of security ,economy and politics.
Constitutionally, the issue of provision of security is topmost as it occupies number ONE in the scheme of the welfare of peoples and nations. Was it for no reason that the biblical Goliath reduced the battle to a ONE man effort asking Israelites to produce just ONE single man to square it up with him ? Was it by mere fun that the biblical David also redefined the battle in a nonconventional way ,even same way that terrorists are defining the battle of terrorism across the globe ? It is pertinent here that all may know that I am interfaith inclined and am one of the few writing prophetologists in this country who has invested much in conflict- management and nonviolence in this part of the world. Most times when I criticised the church, some of our Christians would say that I found unflinching courage to do so by the strength and power that journalism imbued me with. Ironically, they fail to realise that it was the spiritual factor that is behind my modest success in journalism. One of the definitions of a journalist which has never fallen on ground ( as many others had fallen ) was carved by poor me through an interfaith perspective into the calling, having gleaned it from the glorious Qur’an and the holy Bible. ( read Journalists and the Hand of God) Regrettably we are in the part of a world where truth is not often given a chance because many of our people mistake hero-worship for heroism. The greatest instrument I have is the pen and that’s the area in which God inspires my thoughts, ( particularly on Nigerian leaders )even most times against my will. I have a book on the drawing board titled: ” Ten Governors ; Ten Presidents and twenty fingers of their leprous hands.”and this is detailing how ; no leaders has come to power (20 different ones) without God first revealing them to me before they are proclaimed as one publicly. Almost two years before MKO Abiola ventured out into politics, God has sent me to him to caution him against it and this message I communicated to one of the foremost traditional rulers in Yoruba land . I also made other efforts to get his attention at LAUTHEC Ogbomosho with the assistance of Dapo Adelugba now late ( former NUJ Chairman) to no avail. Do I need to mention the case of Yaradua whom God revealed to me ( two years before his death) that I should reveal some secret concerning his ailment and the solution to it ? This I promptly communicated to another chieftain of the peoples Democratic Party PDP ,even two years before Nigerians knew about his sickness . The only time my God-given prophecy failed was in 2015. It was on Buhari and it did not work out for some reasons which I am not divulging now but three weeks to his second term election, God had revealed his victory to me and this I told Alhaji Shuaib Oyedokun. I am in a big fix now because I am in the thick of some book projects and disengaging from them to say all I know about the spirituality of ” Amotekun” and other security problems of this nation would take me weeks to write and analyse. But I had to break loose from my desk to write this in response to a good friend, wanting to know what I mean by the spirituality of “Amotekun” and to show him that I am not just crying wolf where there is none.
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Olalere Fagbola.