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Those who read the scriptures arbitrarily in a hurry often believe that the chief-end of prophecy is for that prophecy to come to pass ,even when the fulfillment of such prophecy does not glorify the “Lord,the God who inspires the prophets”.( it is NOT so)
No doubt, the scriptures say that if a prophet says something which does not come to pass, such prophet has merely spoken presumptuously, yet the same scriptures added that even when his prophecy comes to pass but such prophet added: “let us follow other gods” you must not follow him because ” God permits such to probe whether you love him ( God) with all your heart and with all your soul.” (Deuteronomy 18:22 and Deuteronomy 13:1-3)
Alas what man often refers to as a lie is not altogether a lie before God. What is a lie? It is to say or write anything with the deliberate INTENTION of deceiving ” it’s an old English word “leogan,from Germanic ” lugen”; and which is where the word” motive” or intention comes in. The chief-end of prophecy is to glorify God and it is for this reason that whereas man looks unto the face,God looks into the heart. INTENTION is a combination of two Latin words,namely: “IN”+” TENDERE”meaning ” that which is ” stretched ” within. That is talking of the motive ;that which incites to action ” from late Latin ” motivus” from current Latin ” motus” of ” movere” MOVE that which propels to action; formed from ” PRO+PELLERE” being that which is ” in front of” the ” pellere” drive;the driving force.
No doubt, God will grant His prophet anything for the scriptures say that “surely the Lord God will do nothing without first revealing the secret to his prophets.
However, much as God would grant him anything ( even as He gave his begotten Son to the world )but if there is ONE thing that God will NEVER yield to any man,it is His GLORY. (Isaiah 48:11)
The question then is: what is the motive behind the prophecy ? Is it to glorify self or for God’s glory ?This is why unsolicited vision or prophecy is better than a solicited and calculated one driven to please the flesh. Listen to the voice of a poet:” I soon found that it is not by wisdom that poets create their works,but by a certain natural power and by inspiration, like prophets,who say many fine things but who understand nothing of what they say ” Also commenting on his poem,”Milton “the great poet,Blake wrote:” I have written this poem from immediate dictation, twelve or sometime twenty or thirty lines at a time ,without premeditation and even against my will.”
Before I expatiate on how not to rob God of his glory in the name of prophecy, let me quickly relate one or two of those unsolicited prophecies which God revealed (even against my will ) concerning two great individuals in Nigeria, namely Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu,with prayers however that God should take all glory at the end of the day regardless of whether the prophecies are fulfilled to the letter or not.
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Olalere Fagbola;
Writing Prophet