What an infectious piece this is !
Jerks my Muse out of deep studies
Where angels worship in deep devotion-
Courtesy of your holy anger.
Come forward and state your case
After all the wrath of man shall praise the king of Kings.
And if we must indeed redeem the world,
It’s time we first redeem the WORD.
With such a gross abuse of shrink of greed ,
Bush girls come to town,
Shrinking into skimpy dresses
And dancing madly by the swagger drums of crippled husbands,
Right at the market square of stark ignominy;
Even as scholars without border

No longer dwell within the circumference and border post of sanity
As they expose alphabets and their innocence to the codes of delusion of lunacy.
An abridged biography of innocent fraud this is ?
It’s a world without walls no doubt,
Must we then open the treasure of words and let you loot ?
Within the code of words accounting your currency:
Dollars,Rupees, Sterlings and the crippled Naira,
Lie your passwords

To which not even Jupiter dare to have an open access;
What an economy of innocent fraud this is ?
I see cowards in their thousands,
Equipped with keys to wisdom,
But opening wide the gate to nonsense:
Freedom with no discipline;
What a straight road to anarchy ?
Discipline without its freedom,
A bumpy road to tyranny !
And to which of the red peppers
Must we now expose our two eyeballs ?
When a coward sights the one he could beat,
He’s already hungry for a fight.

A clear case of the proverbial lazy housewife,
The death of whose husband
Becomes a ready phrase for downright indolence.
From your seed,I’ve here raised a tree ;
From your fuel,I’ve here made my fire.
You have set my fire leaping
I will set the forest heaven-ward;
I will put the world in the redemption of the WORD.
By Olalere Fagbola.
( Dedicated to TSL;
Militant in the Army of Literature.)