The Presidential Candidate of the National Rescue Movement NRM,Usman Ibrahim Alhaji has assured Nigerians that his first one hundred days in office if elected President of the country would be enough for him to impact Nigerians into judging the seriousness and the commitment of his government to usher the country into a state of prosperity.

Usman who has unveiled a twelve point Rescue plan which would do the magic in the first one days, declared that he would constitute a dynamic cabinet team of Nigerian experts to be drawn locally and internationally towards putting the nation on the right economic path.

Explaining that the prosecution of the 12 point initiatives would serve as a barometer by which Nigerians could deduce his performance-measuring standard ,stated that his NRM- led government if voted into power would launch a marshal plan for the 6 geopolitical zones towards alleviating poverty and engineer prosperity for the land.

The Presidential candidate of NRM who made this declaration in an exclusive interview in which he was answering questions on his recently released policy documents for Nigeria, pointed out that he would declare a state of emergency in both the power and industrial sectors to introduce renewable energy for providing short term electricity demands for cluster industries and communities in the country.

He contended that the first one hundred days in office could be enough for any serious government to perform and provide Nigerians ample evidence of good governance, added that his government would specially guarante prompt payment of salaries to workers while ensuring living wage with future increment to the labour sector.

Other highlights of his rescue mission plans include the granting of presidential amnesty to insurgents and tribal militant groups who are willing to embrace peace while commencing genuine national reconciliation among Nigerians for the reaffirmation of the people in the Nigeria project.