It is high time we matched high tech with higher faith in our bid to sanitize our media world of fake news .

Amidst the unintended (evil) consequences of technology on the society, with the common man deeply drowned in the media bathroom, particularly the media generation, ( youths) there is no running away from the stark reality that we are all engrossed in the media and the earlier everyone speaks the appropriate language to it the better for all of us

For a start ,we should teach media studies as compulsory subject to our kids right from home.

For instance, the average market woman selling puff-puff along Queen’s street would through her smart phone tell lies to her respondent on the other end that she was speaking from King’s street in the other city.

When the Biblical centurion told Jesus that as a commander of soldiers when he commanded them using the word, they obey instantly and that rather than Jesus going all the long distance to his house to heal his sick servant, why shouldn’t He utter the word at the same spot as he had the BELIEF that his servant would receive healing on the same spot. Jesus turned to the multitude, saying: ” I have never seen such a HIGHER faith like this in Israel. ” He then turned to the centurion and said :” Because you have belief your servant is at this moment healed. “News filtered from the man’s house that at that same moment that Jesus spoke the word his servant was healed .

Where is the connection to technology in this enterprise ? By technology distance is shrunk and the man in India and the man in Nigeria are able to communicate one on one through the social media. Equally, distance through faith displayed by the centurion with the word spoken by Jesus ( personification of the WORD ) shrank and healing surfaced instantly. Just as the marriage between media and technology shrank distance, the marriage between faith and the word shrank the distance before the centurion and Jesus Christ.

Most people ignorantly feel that it was technology that first reduced the world to a global market . it is not so. It was by the power of the WORD that the whole world became a global village hence John 17:21 says :…that they all may be one … as the word of truth … “

Conversely , the centurion spoke the language of his profession in faith just as God wants all of us to match this same technology with the language of our jobs in faith. In Yoruba land,we have a proverb that ” the hand of the youth does not reach the rafter so also is the hand of the elder cannot enter the mouth of the gourd.

Just as it requires the hand of the elder to bring down ideas from the rafter so also it takes the digital hands of the small youth to process the ideas of elders through the gourd of technology. Both the elders and the youths are required to become equal partners in the business of forging a- head in this global world in which elders stand for ancient wisdom even as the youths stand for the modern digital age.

However our digital world today is not at ease because both the youths and the elders lack needed faith and truth in each other. The elder is harsh against the youth just as the youth is rude to the elder .

We have a global world of commonality but which is torn into shreds of individualism with each of us carrying alone the breasts of his own mother ,feeding fat on the milk of selfishness. The principle behind the world shrinking into a proverb of prosperity is to make the wild,wild world become a wise,wise world.

How ? The word proverb is made up of two words namely: ; PRO and VERBOSITY. When the word “Pro” ( in front) being wisdom, stands in front of verbosity ( talkativeness) there would be no need for loquaciousness again and which was why our elders say ” when the horse of loquaciousness gets lost in the thick jungle it is with the word of proverbs that we bring it to the home of restoration and commonsense.

God creates the modern world in order that wise and elderly people would not have to travel too far before they get their heart desires. An old lion full of experience does not saunter about the jungle prying and prowling for animals : it a job for the cub or for the young ones . but then it must take cooperation between the old lion and the young lion to feed in the forest.

When a lion roars, all the lesser animals run panicking . When again the lion urinates around given areas where its prey are lurking, they are magnetized and rooted to same spot while the young lions pounce hard on them .

When in our digital world the same principle that shrinks verbosity into proverb ( for our benefits) shrinks our distance into a global village, do we allow it to shrink our GREED into our common NEEDS ? Has the FASTING that results in the sacrifice that goes by the shrink of man’s greed into man’s NEED not turned into FAST life by which we are today playing FAST game and cheat by the power of our laptop ?

Call it arbitrariness ; Call it by any other name but that is the reality of our digital beautiful nonsense. The abuse of the intelligent shrink has led to our skimpy dresses in which our girls have gone to the market square naked while scholars can no longer construct readable lines without subjecting innocent alphabets to the code of insanity and lunacy.
That’s our media world of today .
( just thinking aloud )
By Olalere Fagbola.