I really feel annoyed and irritated when someone sends me all these shortened forms of words. I always wonder that all mobile phones have an inbuilt dictionary and as soon “Whe” is typed it gives the word “Where”. But still, a large number of people resort to using only a shortened form of words. I don’t find this fancy or modern or neither am I interested in killing the language. How much more seconds would it require typing the entire word. When someone sends me “W r u”, I usually don’t reply until they send me “Where are you?” Trust me it took only 5 seconds to type “Where are you?”

I agree that “SMS” means Short Message Service but that doesn’t mean that every word can be shortened and it is really funny to read a text full of shortened words that sounds so absurd.

“Hey, I’m cmng hme 2 c u nd lets go 2 dnr 2gthr and hve fun. B rdy. C u @ 8.”

It is frustrating to look at texts like these. They call me outdated and laugh at me when I send them a text without shortening words. Texting is ruining language and I have friends who use the “texting language” in their exams and get thrashed by the teachers who have zero tolerance for all this rubbish. There is a virtual cult of concision and little interest in capitalization or punctuation.

“Texting has its own language and it is developing”.

By Tammana Nishitha