There are four major problems befuddling our system of education both in our secular and theological arena.
First is arbitrariness in which our words are shallow (no roots ) while adjudging them as if they were occurring by chance. There is little or no wonder why our use and application of languages are often incorrect. Secondly is the unpleasant truth that we often overtopicalise issues or subjects as if they could not be applied outside of a given place. When we say that ” one apple a day keeps the doctor away,” we often erroneously take the dictum to mean that unless apple is written on the fruit, any other fruits in our backyard would not keep the doctor away. The third one is that we do oversecularise issues so much that we give one hundred percent believability to western paradigm and kick our own ancient wisdom with the boot of irrelevance. We often behave as if it was not this same Craft that had nurtured us to the point from where our proverbial new- found mammon took over from the devil ;a case of moving from frying pan to naked fire.

Coming last is our failure (especially in the interpretation of the word of God ) to explore the scripture from the angle of principles so that the result deduced there-from could be applied scientifically. Of course ,we may here rely on three major principles to biblical interpretation, namely,Bible interpretation of ” first mention.”principle of prophetic insight into biblical interpretation and the consonantal principle into biblical interpretation. It is as a result of the above crises that our learners have so much over-schooled their minds that they are not engaging in creative thinking and in out-of-the-box approach to solving problems . It may shock you to know that it is not for fun that we are having cases of kidnapping almost everywhere as it is getting most prominent in both the secular and in our religious institutions where religionists and writers are appropriating as theirs , what belongs to others. Take it or leave it, our propensity to plagiarize other peoples’ intellectual property ,which includes writings, amount to kidnapping.

Those who arrogate religious rites or festivals exclusively to themselves or appropriating them to themselves alone are carrying things too far ,as they are no better than kidnappers. How ? The word “plagiarize” comes from the Latin word ” plagiarus” and Greek :”plagion” both of which mean kidnapper or literary thief,from “plagium” meaning kidnapping. And this takes us to the way the celebration of Holy Michael’s Day is being encumbered by all these four ills, either knowingly or unknowingly . To see Holy Michael’s Day whole is to see it in history and in the three principles of biblical interpretations. Lest we become mere theologians or religionists of convenience, it is high time we knew this fact that more than 800 ( eight hundred) years before cherubim and seraphim church was founded, the world had been celebrating Holy Michael’s day.

The feast of Saint Michael, the Archangel , began as early as 12 century and was celebrated on 29 September of every year as it was marked then as “St Michael’s mass,being the celebration of the Eucharist especially in the Catholic church. Eucharist is the sacrament of the lord’s supper with the connotations of ” giving freely or showing favour ” at such ceremony. Most of the early churches who were celebrating the holy Michael’s day have dropped the idea most probably because they could not see it whole . it is however a thing of joy that few churches who are keeping up the tradition may have seen it in history and knowing fully that as God works through history, Holy Michael or Holy Michael’s day can never be kidnapped.

It must be emphasised here that the Catholic church and the Aladura ,Cherubim and Seraphim churches would among few others, mark today (September 29) as Holy Michael’s day, it is pertinent here to stress that unless we refrain from kidnapping the holy ceremony and stop arrogating it around personalty , it may lose its potency which had worked wonders from century to century. It is also vital to identify the divine principles behind it and applying them correctly so that it would not be like the fairy tales told by idiots,full of sound and fury ,signifying nothing. Before we go into the principles by which divine arrangements the holy Michael’s day was structured to work yesterday and is destined to work today and tomorrow, let us ,particularly in cherubim and seraphim church note that even though the life of Saint Moses Orimolade typified Christ, he had never referred to himself as Jesus Christ or paraded himself as the saviour. Like the biblical John, the Baptist who was a forerunner,Orimolade had always referred to himself as a remembrancer.

The question of Orimolade creating holy Michael’s day does not therefore arise as he was just a forerunner and a vessel of honour that God used on September 29,1925 to proclaim the day in aladura church. It may even shock many of us to know that Moses Orimolade was not the first person in Nigeria to be publicly referred to as ” Baba Aladura”. The expression ” Baba Aladura ” dated back to 1892 shortly after the British soldiers fired cannons at ijebu-ode warriors routing them and their amulets,with those weaned from the trust in charms finding succour in the “Baba Aladura” of the African phenomenon.