Lexicographers of old have through their Oxford and advanced dictionaries defined Heroes as persons respected for bravery or chief persons in Hollywood , Bollywood or Nollywood, with Heroism as   qualities of being thus.
However to be thus ,according to Shakespeare , is nothing but to be safely thus.

Heroes and Heroism are bones of strong words deeper than what the  sculpture  of Oxford and the structure of advanced learner’s dictionaries could handle.
When I was a child I read the scripture like a child, not knowing that behind every scripture is a culture deeper than what the ordinary eye can fathom.

Now that I am growing old in the study of comparative linguistic philology, ( apology to my teacher, Modupe Oduyoye) I have come to realise that  inside the same bone of word which a child throws away as being inconsequential resides  the marrow; the  sweetest fatty in the cavities of the bony word.

What then is Heroism ?
Who are the Heroes ?

The readers’ curiosity on this matter shall for now remain unsatisfied until I relate the consonantal principle  that reveals  the heroic attributes of the former State Secretary to the Government of  old Oyo State and Ex Deputy National Chairman of PDP ,Chief Shuaib Afolabi Oyedokun,( One man Democrat in a nation’s maddening crowd)  whose political chieftaincy has become a mighty ocean even with the heroism to which Valour has registered in Akin Ogunbiyi, a philanthropist par excellence.