It takes downright wickedness for an elderly fellow, right in the market square of ideas ,to look away unconcerned at the neck of a beautiful infant wobbling along the path of destruction from stiff-neckedness.

In Yoruba land we say that when a child is cutting the proverbial tree of impetuosity , it takes an elder versed in value-orientation to know along which direction the tree is likely to fall while as a matter of sacred duty guide accordingly the path to sanity. The way we are driving at the bull of our social media gives one the impression that we are so much in a hurry matching as to war.

Let us not be crisis managers but let’s manage ourselves THROUGH crises. How ? The first dose is through the art of DIALOGUE . The word is a combination of two Latin words; DIA meaning THROUGH and LOGOS which means WORD . if dialogue is a discourse or conversation between two or more persons ( Greek dialogos:conversation) it then involves communication as a two way traffic where what is said is as important as how it is said ,with the art of listening ( not rattling ) complementing the whole dialogue thorough and thorough. You utter a word and you earn a kolanut for it ( he who brings kola brings life, so says China Achebe ) and you utter a word and presto a sword comes out from its scabbard.

In his own paper contributing to the first interfaith and value-orientation workshop our NGO organised for working journalists in Oyo State ( 2001) Wordsworth Gabriel Ojo observed that ” when captives are treated with mildness and humanity, a former ” en-ami”(enemy) becomes an ” ami”(friend). Little things are therefore important; a small leak could sink a ship; ” liver is good but bile is also near the liver. Guard against making the first enemy; the first mistake; the first quarrel; the first every wrong step . World war first was fought on three continents and the ocean; ten million dead; twenty million wounded.World War two came ; it was fought on three continents and three oceans with fifty seven nations involved. Both wars could have been averted through mere DIALOGUE; indeed through Love in action