Emerging from recent peace accord organised for Presidential candidates of all political parties jostling for Nigeria’s presidency, the Presidential candidate of the National Rescue Movement NRM, Usman Ibrahim Alhaji over the weekend flagged off his campaign with a priority policy of carrying his party’s anti-corruption crusade to digital level.
The NRM Presidential candidate who said that the priority of a NRM-led federal government would strengthen the judiciary, the media and the Police, argued that his party if elected would fight corruption with the use of sophisticated technology branded as ” Project Nasara”
The Librarian scientist and Media technologist made this declaration at Abuja during an exclusive interview with ” newsmen shortly after presenting a thirty six page policy document of his rescue plan for Nigeria come 2019.
Noting that the crusade would involve the entrenchment of societal values and norms in the society, Usman added that the reform which is part of his 15 priority policies would encourage respect for the human rights of Nigerians,pointing out that NRM’s rescue mission would be consolidated by legislative action towards guiding against the derailment of the crusade.
The Kebbi-born politician who had recently declared His presidential ambition formally in the SouthWest, explained that as a bridge- builder,his priority policies would bring about genuine national reconciliation and forgiveness of the past among Nigerians while reaffirming ” Project Nigeria “in which all stand in brotherhood.
With a vision to rebuild Nigeria for sustainable growth which posterity would be proud of,Usman added that his party is set to offer a new generational leadership that would provide poverty-alleviation programmes to Nigerians while reforming critical institutions and bring about inclusive and accountable government.